About Adrienne

Digital native, creative soul.

Hi, my name is Adrienne Wolter. I built my first website at age 11 and have lived online ever since.

I love making things. Growing up, I wrote hundreds of short stories and poems. I got my B.A. in Studio Art from Kenyon College, where I made video art and cut paper illustrations. After graduation, I got a job in marketing, which has refueled my love of making websites.

Other passions include the French language and travel. I began studying French my sophomore year of college, exactly a year and a half before I spent a semester in Paris, France completely immersed in the language. Living, studying, and working in France was one of the best experiences of my life. While abroad, I got to visit many places that have continued to inspire me, from Prague to Portugal to Pripyat, Ukraine.

A few more of my favorite things: postcards, Thai food, exploring new cities, cute animals, and learning new things.

© Adrienne Wolter